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The Goren Monti Ferrari Foundation originates from the Cukier Goldstein-Goren Foundation ( https://www.goldstein-goren.com ), established by Avram Goldstein-Goren and Max Cukier back in 1972. The CG-G Foundation’s major achievements in Israel include the creation of the first building of the Ben Gurion University in Be’er Sheva, and the establishing of the Center for Rehabilitation and Vocational Training in Ra’nana, the Sporting Complex at Kyriat Shalom and the Ulpan Gordon in Tel Aviv, the International Center for Jewish Thought and the Department of Biotechnology Engineering at BGU, and the Diaspora Research Center and the Center for Mind and Language at Tel Aviv University.

Worldwide, the CG-G Foundation established the Center for American Jewish History at New York University, the Center for Jewish Studies at both the State University of Bucharest and the State University of Milan.

Avram (Dolphy) Goldstein-Goren was the head of the Foundation from its inception until his death.

The goal of the Goren Monti Ferrari Foundation is two-fold: (1) the creation of a “Bridge for Peace in the Mediterranean Area” and (2) the accomplishment of the purposes established in the CG-G Memorandum of Association (dated 27.12.1971 art.2): the “development, support and management of institutions and enterprises related to education, culture, literature, art, instruction, health, sports and social support of all kind in Israel or for Israel and Jews.”

  • Establish or support Israeli Universities or Faculties in Israel and for the Jews in the diaspora.

  • Establish or support and develop in Israel hospitals or health services and centers

  • Establish or support and develop in Israel community services or centers

  • Grant scholarship or awards to students or researchers in Humanities and in any field of Scientific Research in Israel or for the Jews in the diaspora

  • Book publication on Jewish Thought, Jewish and Israeli History, Jewish and Israeli writers

  • Receive or collect donations, inheritances, grants and financial supports from individuals, private or public institutions in Israel or abroad; receive support in promoting the Fund goals. (Tax exemption Li.N.262.2013)





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